what do you get?


With our Quick HIIT membership, you get a training program designed by our experienced team here at Tapp Fitness. HIIT stands for High-Intensity-Interval-Training. We put a focus on conditioning with bodyweight movements and weights are light to moderate loads.


Our quality of coaching is what separates our gym from the rest. When join this class, you will not only have a great workout, but a coach educating, motivating, and supporting you through every workout. 

Wodify - Performance tracking app

One of the most important ways to maximizing your time in the gym is performance tracking. No, you don't need a notebook... We will set you up with our app that allows you to track every workout you do. There is an interactive leader board within the app that allows you to see what scores your friends are getting on workouts & much more!


When you join Tapp Fitness, you become apart of our community. We set a culture that will always have your back to support through your fitness journey. We have an ego free atmosphere with all different levels of athletes in our classes. There will be multiple community events throughout the year such as bbq's, beach trips, community clean ups & more!

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